Welcome Authors & Book Lovers!

The Sunshine Book Show …a virtual paradise for authors and readers of all ages. Together let’s explore the wide, wonderful world of books.

I’ll be inviting experts of all aspects of creative writing to share their knowledge and advice. I’ll be seeking the best and most informative reviewers and featuring their views about books of all kinds. Biographical sketches of our authors will give readers a chance to get to know their “new favorite authors” and find out what makes them “tick” and how they come up with their amazing stories. You’ll find pages and BLOG entries that offer writing tips, grammar lessons, and other helpful information for writers. You might even be inspired to tackle writing a book of your own, even if you’ve always thought of yourself as “just a reader”.

Occasionally, I’ll be presenting “BlogArounds” that feature guest blog articles from authors of a particular genre. Learn about what’s new in romance, mystery, horror, and other genres through these special blogging events.

Do you like contests? Watch for them here…writing contests, reviewing contests, all kinds of contests. The first contest, which will be coming up soon, is a poetry contest with a twist…but that’s all I’m going to say right now other than that it will be FUN and the winning poems will be published here at the Sunshine Book Show!

Book Give-Aways…yep…watch for special opportunities to win free books by the authors of the Sunshine Book Show. What would a book blog be without a few free books once in a while?

Sit back, explore, and be sure to FOLLOW this blog…you won’t want to miss a thing!

If you’d like to contact me, please use the form below, and I’ll do my best to answer you quickly. Thanks for stopping by…I hope you’ll come back time and time again!


4 Responses to Welcome Authors & Book Lovers!

  1. Looks great, Eileen!! I’m looking forward to seeing it completed.


  2. One more thing, I don’t see a Young Adult category listed.Please would you add that to the list. There are lots of us authors who need this category.


  3. I followed, liked, and shared. I also have a weekly blog that authors in the group should check out. I will be doing author interviews and would appreciate the support.


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